Ehab Zenga started kicking a soccer ball at the age of 7 in the streets of Cairo, Egypt. Zenga, started                                                                  his career as a professional soccer player at the age of 19.

                                                             Zenga was trained by some of the world's top trainers from Germany and the Middle East, which of                                                                  course showed throughout his career. He enjoyed his success for more than 12 years with several                                                                    pro Middle Eastern teams - Ismailly, Arab Contractors, Aluminum and Dina. After retiring, Zenga                                                                        made his way to the United States to pursuit his 2nd dream, which was teaching soccer to the youth.

                                                             Zenga continues to educate himself on and off the field to be the best resource for his students                                                                          & believes personal development is a life-long journey. His students include beginners as well as                                                                      professionals. Zenga's Pro Force Academy is recognized across the USA as it offers education and                                                                    innovation to help players elevate their game to reach the highest level.
 Ehab Zenga / President   Zenga currently holds several advanced licenses with the NSCAA that includes a Director of Coaching                                                             Diploma, Advanced National  Diploma, Premier Diploma, and a FIFA B License. Zenga has been a part                                                               of the Coaching Staff for Bethesda University of California, The  US Military National Team, Chivas USA                                                             ,Strikers FC and held an advisor position at several professional clubs. As he is now the Founder  and                                                               President of Legacy FC, the City of Anaheim's premier pro soccer team as the team steps into the                                                                     UPSL Pro league in 2017.